Review: Game of Clones by M.E. Castle

gameofclonesGAME OF CLONES (The Clone Chronicles #3)
M.E. Castle
Egmont USA
Publication Date: February 11, 2014

From the back cover:

“A funny James Bond for the middle school set,” Game of Clones mixes Alex Rider and Michael Buckley’s NERD series into the ideal formula for a third installment in the hilarious and rollicking middle-grade adventure series The Clone Chronicles.

Fisher Bas was able to track down his gone-Hollywood Clone–Two–but only with the help of Amanda Cantrell. Now “Three” and Dr. X remain on the loose. If Fisher is going to stop his secret from coming out, he’ll have to figure out a cover for his brother clone and keep Three from helping Dr. X take over the world.

That proves much harder as Fisher is no longer able to keep Two a secret and crazy things start happening at Wompalog Middle School. Turns out Three has come to Palo Alto bent on eliminating Fisher and Two. The boys will have to pull together their friends and an unlikely ally to stop Three and his clone army. The future of Fisher and Two’s hometown depends on it.

GAME OF CLONES is M.E. Castle’s third installment in The Clone Chronicles. My sons and I read the first some time back and although we somehow missed the second, we found the newest in the series to be funny and delightful, filled with science-y goodness and a laugh out loud plot that stands all on its own.

Fisher Bas is back after a harrowing Hollywood ordeal, but now must face facts. He can’t keep “Two” a secret any longer. His latest clone, “Three”, which was a product of Dr. X.’s evil machinations is on the loose and bent on taking over the world. Fisher knows he can’t defeat “Three” on his own, so it’s time for a new strategy and plenty of new inventions!

M.E. Castle pens a madcap adventure that is guaranteed to appeal to even the most reluctant of readers. The action is non-stop, the villains are evil and wacky, and Fisher is one cool protagonist. Filled with clever dialogue, far out inventions that are sure to bring a smile to your face, and just enough science talk to both educate and entertain, GAME OF CLONES is the perfect boy-centric middle grade for your middle school son (or daughter!).



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